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Spiritual Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Spiritual Assessment - Essay Example From this report it is clearc that a man's whole being is mostly moulded by spirituality and religion. These signs of well being can be seen by the clothes and accessories that a person wears, ones spiritual practices and rituals, participation in religious community and beliefs and philosophy in life. Some religious practices can even be seen on how a person grow and style their hair. Spirituality speaks of ones personal growth and awareness. It is a recognition of something outside of one’s self that cannot be defined. It is a personal quest for seeking the meaning of life.This study highlights that religion on the other hand, is a dogma and the existence of a higher power. It is the belief of sacredness, moral codes and values being supported and practised by an organization. Even though spirituality and religion are different, it can or can’t be interrelated. Religion can be practised with spirituality. Spirituality can be practised without being so religious. Spiri tuality and religion can be addressed in different ways. In the nurses and doctors point of view, the idea of the role of spirituality in a patient’s life will help them understand the patient’s response to an illness. In an article by a spiritual assessment may help the doctor understand if a patient will use religious or spiritual beliefs to cope with the cancer diagnosis and treatment.  In a world where many different religions exist, it is important that a nurse should know the patients spiritual beliefs before conducting spiritual assessment to the patient.... There are many different kinds of medical treatment beliefs applicable to different kinds of religion. Mary Ellen Zator Estes (2002) had differentiated the medical treatments applicable for different religions. In Judaism, medicines and physician were held in high esteem. Patients also seek care for oneself through prayers and proper visitation. For an Islam patient, medical care is encouraged; however, female bodies should remain covered during treatment. Roman Catholic patients are encouraged to seek medical care and once confined in the hospital, visitation, anointing of the sick and prayer is practised. Same with Roman Catholic, Protestant patients also seek medical attention and anointing of the sick as well as prayers are being practised. Jehovah's Witness patients seek medical care when they are ill, however, during operations or when blood is needed, ingestion of blood nor any other blood products are prohibited. Upon knowing these beliefs, spirituality and nursing processes can now be applied. It is important that spiritual assessment be applied in nursing and giving care for a patient. SPIRITUAL ASSESSMENT George Fitchette (no date) described spiritual assessment as the process of discerning the spiritual needs and resources of the person with whom nurses are working with. Unlike diagnostic models in some medical fields, the assessment model in spiritual care should not simply focus on problems, but also includes the resources that people brings to help them cope with those problems. In short, it is gathering of information with regards to the patient's spiritual status. Spiritual assessment is important for it gives a comprehensive assessment of a patient's spiritual needs. With

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