Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Learnscape simulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Learnscape simulation - Essay Example ion X children as their caretakers, Bright Roads should consider including images that would capture the interest of these caretakers who would be more apt to peruse Bright Road’s web presence. 3) Review the premiere service line offerings of Bright Roads. Quality rankings, awards, distinctions linked to key targeted services should drive users to click further through page. Consider featuring these distinctions on the web page to showcase Bright Road’s stellar ranking and commitment to patient care/quality measures. 1) Placement of logo and picture do not generate interest. Similar to the website, an image of a building will not drive individuals to want to learn more about Bright Roads Services. Consider adding images that tell the Bright Roads story. 2) Social Media page should link to several means of communication: i.e. Twitter. This would allow for Bright Roads to connect to customers and provide updates on services and key community events once the consumer signs up. 3) Include a You Tube link that would allow prospective customers to view videos. This presents a n opportunity for Bright Roads to further engage the customer. Rather than including the You Tube icon, consider a catchy link that would generate interest in a library of videos. 1) The landing page for the Bright Roads PHR features a picture of a clinician holding an IPad. If the PHR is intended to be created, maintained and primarily for the benefit of the patient, this cannot be ascertained from the story this picture tells. Consider include images better representative of the desired patient population and/or images that show the value from a patients perspective of having a PHR. Additionally, re-messaging the definition of the PHR on this site might be helpful in clarifying its purpose to the patient. 2) Potentially include video testimonials and/or written comments/postings with relatable stories from patients that highlight the benefits of having a PHR. This can include safety

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