Monday, August 26, 2019

Reflective account Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reflective account - Essay Example ics such as technology and labour, sustainability, human resource management, strategy, operations management, just to mention but a few that fall under the global business concept. However, in this reflective paper; we will delve into details on human resource management. This paper will discuss in details the key principles of human resource management, its significance and relevance to the global business world as well as connect it with other topics that fall and the global business concept. According to Patrick (2012), Human resource management or simply HR is a function of the organization that is designed to maximize the performance of employees and the achievement of employer strategic objectives. Human resource is particularly concerned about how the organization will manage people in the organization and focuses on policies and systems. The department usually has a number of roles and tasks that they fulfil; these functions include the following: Recruitment, this is the intake of new staff into the organization. The human resource department ensures that only qualified individuals get into the organization and at the same time ensuring that the organization does not suffer due to lack of personnel. HR is also tasked with the training and development responsibility. They will ensure that employees meet the demands of the workplace environment by organizing seminars, in-house training, and educational classes also conducted. The human resource department works clos ely with the industrial relations of the organization. They aim at balancing the organization’s practices with the requirements that arise from collective bargaining and public law (Patrick, 2012). The department may also be tasked with the role of ensuring that the workplace is safe for the employees. It does this by making sure that the company conducts its activities in line with the work safety standards. Lastly, the Human Resource department is tasked with the role of enforcing and making

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