Monday, August 12, 2019

INNOVATING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

INNOVATING - Essay Example Thinking about innovation in terms of technology is not enough but the innovation process includes the organization’s finance consideration, competitive positioning, marketing, training, relationship of organization with the supplier and customer and between processes and products.TYPES OF INNOVATION MODELS There are two types of innovation model; one is normative and the second is a descriptive model. Normative model of innovation is helpful in the construction of developed and designed organizations and deliver ideas, guidelines in order to increase capacity of originality. . The nature of this model is prescriptive which means it provides alternative solutions and suggestions to problems and questions. It analyzes the situation and helps to answer what procedures should be applied according to the standards. Descriptive model or constructivist model is Intuitive in nature; go over the main individualities and processes that have been observed regarding innovation and this model explains the association among observed characteristics. at el 2000 and von Hippel, 1988). Descriptive model does not evaluate the solutions and used to measure performances and changes. It is based on emotions, experiences, opinions and knowledge of individuals (Robbins, & Coulter, 1997). 2 Technological Determinism: This perspective discusses how human evaluations get influenced through Technological determinism. Innovations have been taken place in all aspects of human life, and technological innovation provided a boost to all industries. Veblen â€Å"tTechnology is an agent of social change and it in his view technology has the ability to mould the behaviors, society and interaction. Technology is an independent factor. The most admirable example of technology is the internet which has made the connections a lot easier than ever. Because of this innovation business can be

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