Friday, August 16, 2019

Classroom Analysis Essay

1.Why is a classroom a miniature of a greater society? A classroom is a miniature of a greater society because it is where all basic and formal learning begins; where all the proper and acquisition of knowledge takes place. It is a part of the society that engages in promoting and preparing learners for more and broader task, role and obligation.The teacher or professor plays the role of the leader/monarch, while the students are the citizens. The citizens are supposed to follow the rules and laws of the society (class) that the leaders (teachers) set. In every classroom, there are different kinds of people: Those who work hard, those who play hard, those who do both, those who do neither. In society, you also get these kinds of people. There will also probably be little cliques, in this case, representative of small groups in society. Then there are the high class, those who fly past everything without hitches, the middle class who get by, and the lower class who are really struggling to keep up with the coursework. The teacher may offe r remedial sessions, which can be compared to any welfare packages that the government decides to hand out. 2.What are found in the classrooms that are similar to what can be observed in society? It can found there the leader that serves as the teacher and the people serves as the students. All they do are similar with what can we see in the society. The teacher led the students to know about a certain thing that builds them to become a better individual; the same within a society a president, mayor, or a Brgy. Chairman leads its people to build a harmonious relationship among others. The Discussion and interaction among the learners and the teachers in promoting knowledge; unity, cooperation and creativeness in accomplishing given task and responsibilities; having a harmonious relationship on each and every member of the class and the facilities and equipment for learning and development.

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