Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Informative diversity presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Informative diversity presentation - Essay Example Instead, King Abdullah has instituted what has become known as a Council of Advisors. This council of advisors helps to provide the monarch with useful information and specific policy ideas with regards to what direction the kingdom should proceed with respect to development of its resources and modernization. Furthermore, each of the council of advisors has a specific area of specialization that allows him to speak to the needs of the nation. For instance, one member of the council of advisors may have a specialization in trade and economics whereas another council advisor might have a specialization in health. In this way, the monarch is able to hear and contemplate each of the ways in which the council can advise him with regards to the best future direction for the country. As one might expect, the vast oil wealth that Saudi Arabia benefits from ha allowed the royal family to invest heavily in the infrastructure that the country relies on. These investments have begun since the early 1960s and have focused on diverse elements of societal renewal to include paving thousands of kilometers of the nation’s roads, improving the secondary educational system, and providing funding to students who would like to study aboard. Furthermore, some of these 5 year plans have focused on building a better healthcare system so that the entire nation can benefit from the wealth that the oil resources have brought. In this way, the kingdom has reinvested much of the oil wealth in visually observable ways so that the betterment of society is directly affected. (In this way, many fundamental differences exist between the two countries. As a result of the difference in culture, the people of this nation also have their own particular view of the society in which they live as compared with the rest of the world. Although this essay has focused on the dissimilarities that exist between Saudi Arabia and the United States, many

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