Monday, July 22, 2019

Vietnam War Essay Example for Free

Vietnam War Essay The Vietnam War was one of the leading wars which the United States embarked on as part of the Cold War. This was a major war where the United States played a major role however; the Vietnam War is considered as one of the darkest past of American history. This war earned criticism from the international community because of the aggressive military intervention which occurred in Southern Vietnam. Aside from this, the war resulted into huge casualties because of failures of military strategies. The biggest impact that the Vietnam War had incurred would be in the change of the U. S military organization and implementation. The war left so many realizations in terms of the kind of battleground in Vietnam which was different than the other wars which the U. S participated. The natural topography of the Vietnam was not carefully studied making the air raid ineffective. The kind of war needed for the Vietnam War was something that the U. S military troops have not experienced. The opposition of not only the international but as well as the American citizens themselves prompted the withdrawal of the U. S in Southern Vietnam and thus, considered this event as a lesson should be learned. The Vietnam War was a political, social, historical, and cultural realization. This made the U. S rethink its military strategies and change its views on war. This particular war left the American nation in budget deficit due to military spending and lives were wasted because of the U.  S’ continuation with the war despite the zero chances of winning. The failures in the Vietnam War challenged the U. S. ’ belief of massive application of force was the solution to military problems (Neu, 2000, p. 58). The withdrawal of the American troops from Southern Vietnam around 1975 may have sealed the end of the war however, the effects of its failed strategies and the number of casualties remained as a nightmare which the United States carefully considered as a painful lesson or a dark past which should be forgotten.

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