Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sources and Classifications of Law in the United Kingdom Essay

Sources and Classifications of Law in the United Kingdom - Essay Example   Legislation refers to the law, which is made by a body specially constituted for that purpose. The legislation is classified into primary and secondary legislations. Legislation in the UK derives from various sources. The Supreme legislation body for the United Kingdom is the Parliament of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, British Overseas territories and British Crown dependencies; the parliament is also referred to as the Westminster.   Each of the three major jurisdictions of the United Kingdom: Northern Ireland, English and Wales, and Scotland has its laws and legislative systems. The Westminster possesses legislative supremacy; therefore, it has ultimate power over all other political powers in the United Kingdom and its territories. Legislation in the United Kingdom takes the form of Acts or Statutory Instruments. The Acts are passed directly by Parliament while the government minister or the Queen-in-council makes Statutory Instruments under the authority of Parliament.   Primary legislation constitutes the law made by the legislative branch of the government. The primary legislation takes the form of Acts of Parliament in the United Kingdom. In primary legislation, the parliament is the law making body; this is because Parliament derives its law making powers directly from the Constitution.  Ã‚   Secondary legislation in the United Kingdom must receive the authorization from the primary legislation in order to ensure conformance to boundaries laid down by primary legislation.   Ã‚  

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