Thursday, July 18, 2019

Playing Hard to Get Essay

Walster, Walster, Piliavin, & Schmidt have designed a study to test the why women play hard to get when to comes to dating. This article is talks about how there are two different types of women when it comes to relationships. One type is the easy to get and hard to get. Easy to get women are girls who are either desperate for affection, who might have to many demands for their significant other, may want to get serious right away and possibly may have a disease. Whereas, the hard to get women have something about them that every guy would want to be with, she knows she is pretty and that every guy would do anything for her. A women knows in her mind, playing hard to get will make any man go through all kinds of trouble or challenges just trying to please her and hopefully making the girl like him or even falling in love with him. If a guy, can get to be with her it’s like winning a gold prize and gaining respect from all kinds of men because they can recognize that the girl is a hard to get girl. The experimenters tested 5 different experiments to test and see if any theories can prove about these hard to get girls. Experiment I was the dissonance theory was the first experiment was to predict to see if one had to spend a lot of energy to attain one goal because he would be unappreciative of the outcome. Experiment II was the learning theory was next to see if two advantages were attainable: exclusiveness with value and frustration that will increase drive. Experiment III was the Schachtarian theory requires two components just like the learning theory to test the person for calling it love. Both Walsters & Lyons designed a field study and a laboratory experiment in to demonstrate that men prefer a date that plays hard to get. Computer matching service was conducted for women to be hired as experimenters. Precise instructions was given on how to respond when their computer match called them for a date by pausing to think for at least 3 seconds accepting the date, which would be labeled hard to get. Other times women were told to accept the date immediately, to be labeled as easy to get. The results indicated that elusiveness had no impact on the man’s liking for his computer. Experiment IV was a laboratory experiment that tested the knowledge that a woman is elusive gives one indirect evidence that she is socially desirable. This indirect evidence should have the biggest impact when a man has no way of acquiring direct evidence about a coed’s value or when he has little confidence in his own ability to assess value. When direct evidence is available, and the man possesses supreme confidence in his ability to make correct judgments, information about a woman’s elusiveness should have little impact on a man’s reaction to her. Blind dates were being tested to see if this came true. Experiment V, we had decided that perhaps the hard-to-get hypothesis must be tested in a sexual setting with prostitutes that gave the men mixed drinks that will see if the hard to get hypothesis is true. Later this experiment resulted that there is two components: How hard or easy she is for him to get & how hard or easy she is for other men to get. To test this, 71 male summer students at the University of Wisconsin were recruited for a dating research project. This was designed to determine whether computer matching techniques are in fact more effective than is random matching. All participants were invited to come into the dating center in order to choose a date from a set of five potential dates. When the subject arrived at the computer match office, they were handed folders containing background information on five women. Some of these women had supposedly been â€Å"randomly† matched with him and others had been â€Å"computer matched† with him but in reality, all five folders contained information about fictitious women. Experiments asked if they liked her, would you get along, first impressions and questions of that nature. All these results of their hypothesis turned out to be false but learned new information of women being hard to get. In my own opinion, the experiments did their best to test this phenomenon regardless of how old this article is because till this day, a hard to get women is described as someone who requires a lot of work in order to talk or to be seen with. Being with a women gives the man a lot of respect because start to question to figure out what does a man have to do to be such a girl with high standards. These experiments are valid even though they have failed but have demonstrated how these women work when playing hard to get. When it comes to girls, men are usually clueless because there are no set rules on how they react or how to keep them happy. Any interaction with women are general is an experiment because it involves a lot of variables, different possibilities of what the men can say leading to various reactions from the women. A follow up study can be done because this article is over 20 years old but it may just strengthen the results of this article. A study of how or why women act hard to get in the first place, their intentions or see if there are any tricks to get by these kinds of women. Experiment V was the best experiment to test by randomly selecting girls for the men and seeing what their likes and dislikes were when women were being hard to get. Men today have changed a lot when these experiments have taken place according to society at that time. I feel that these experimenters did all they could with their limited technology and how boys and girls acted in that time frame. Nowadays, women explore all options of being hard to get and easy to get by mixing it to fully get what they want and that drives men insane because we tend to get clueless of how things work. This article is valid of what has been tested and outcomes that of that women playing hard to get is still unknown till this day.

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