Sunday, July 28, 2019

Institutions of Poverty in Guadalupe and Chavez Essay

Institutions of Poverty in Guadalupe and Chavez - Essay Example The manner in which each institution acts on the society is controlled by numerous factors. This is aimed at separating individuals who earn their income using unlawful means from ones who with legal sources of income. This is therefore what is represented by indigenous organizations. This separation is in regard to the geographic means since these institutions put into consideration areas with more security and ones with high crime rates. Normally, illegal groups live in the crime-ridden areas because they won't have to care about the police. This is due to the fact that there is no constant presence of police officers. On the other hand, social networks are organizations that aim at helping people to find jobs. One thing that is being noticed is that there are certain jobs which are exclusive to a certain ethnic-racial group since what really matters is the number of that group. The third institution, the local subculture, is responsible for controlling means through which a family gets aid (219). That is, the needs and mentality of the family are the main factors that will determine whether the family will be given the welfare’s aid or not. Usually, size and the role of each family member define the structure of the family. A neighborhood, ethnic group, and family structure are the other factors which influence these three institutions. First, the existence of police officers in certain neighborhoods provides the chance for the illegal networks to work away from police-view. Second, ethnicity is the major factor which the social networks put into consideration (who works where). This is acc ording to its assertion above that every certain race dominates certain kind of jobs. Furthermore, a big role is played by the family structure in the subcultures and determines the manner through which aid would be distributed among the members.

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