Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Leadership Behavioral Attributes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Leadership Behavioral Attributes - Essay Example Empathy: Change agents should have a highly empathic personality trait as this traits serves to aid them in better understanding the feelings of the individuals that they interact with. Empathy in turn results in improved understanding and communication between the change champion and these organizational members. Patience and Persistence: According to Lunenburg (2010), it is important to note that complete change processes do not often tend to occur overnight. Change champions should cultivate the trait of being highly patient and persistent. If change champions fail to have this important trait, they will tend to get frustrated at the change not taking place fast enough which might result in a reduction of their leadership capacities. Knowledgeable: Change champions should be highly knowledgeable and have the desirable attribute of often leading by example. For leaders to be able to create some change, it is important that they not only be able to clearly articulate exactly what the change will look like, but also be able to lead by example and demonstrate exactly how they wish for this change to be like. Change champions should ensure that they do not lose touch with the important actually that might be happening on the ground so as for them to be in a position to better influence change in a position that will yield the best possible results (Lunenburg, 2010). The role of being a change champion is widely perceived to be one of the key roles expected of leaders in today’s increasingly competitive global environment. For leaders to become more accomplished in this crucial role, they must ensure that they constantly demonstrate a high degree of confidence in a given vision as well as the necessary passion to see this vision through. These leaders need to actively practice inclusive leadership through which they demonstrate a general willingness to actively engage a number of diverse constituent groups. Merely having a vision

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