Saturday, July 27, 2019

Topics Discussed in Class - My Participation in Class Assignment - 4

Topics Discussed in Class - My Participation in Class - Assignment Example Physical global marketing environment topic has given a concept and understanding of how to understand the physical environment while making global marketing decisions. After understanding the physical environment the lecturer moved us towards the understanding of PEST environment. This environment teaches us that how to conduct the analysis of overall environment when making an investment or starting a business. It gives the complete understanding of absorbing all these factors of business environment (Hewett & Bearden, 2001). From week 3 of the semester lecturer move us to give the real understanding of the global marketing and advertising. The topic we had covered was values and paradoxes in global marketing and advertisement. By this topic lecturer has developed a new frame of global marketing and advertising in the mind of all the students of the class. This topic teaches us the merits and demerits of globalizing the business along with the bright side and dark side of advertise ment in the international market. It found difficult to advertise the product in the global market because it needs to understand and analyze the environments of different countries, but this topic by lecturer helps us at a great extent in understanding global marketing and advertising. The complexity of understanding different environments of different countries has made uncomplicated by the lecturer in the week 4 by discussing the topic of dimensions of culture. This topic gave us an understanding of how to understand the characteristics of culture while understanding the culture to target with the purpose of business. This topic tells us the importance of understanding the characteristics of targeted people of different cultures. After giving the understanding of dimensions of culture lecturer contained us specifically towards the understanding of consumer behavior (Keegan and Green, 2012). Consumer behavior is changing with a fast pace with the advancement of technology and adap tation of technology by consumers. Consumers are now getting aware with the changing trends so marketer needs to be very active in understanding the changing trends of the market and importantly the changing taste and preferences of consumers. Consumer behavior study taught us the factors of understanding the changing tastes and preferences of consumer with the changing trend (Terpstra, 2000). After learning the topic of consumer behavior the lecturer gave the in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior for global market by discussing the topic of consumer ethnocentrism and disidentification. This topic gave the understanding of why consumer prefers international products over the domestic products or why consumer prefer domestic product over international brands. Many factors have been discussed in this topic which can affect the consumer preferences. This study is very important for the global marketers and we have learned a lot of techniques in this study. This study will help us in creating a brand in the presence of the needs and preferences of customers of the target market. Market is smart now so marketer needs to be smart as well in understanding the market moves. In the 9th week the lecturer moves us towards the basic

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