Friday, October 18, 2019

The case method of stratigic analysis David and Goliath Essay

The case method of stratigic analysis David and Goliath - Essay Example -There are a number of possible solutions to the problem. One solution is to have each side choose its strongest member. For the Philistine this would be Goliath. For the Israelites this would be David. Both individuals would then fight to the death. The winner would determine the resolution for the entirety of their population. While this would provide a resolution and avoid significant death, one recognizes that it is largely an arbitrary means of deciding on the solution; for this reason not all participants may be happy with the final solution. -Another potential option would be to have both organizations engage in diplomacy. While a regular component of international relations in the contemporary environment, during the time of this conflict such actions occurred only in limited form. This then constitutes a major potential option a means of solving this conflict. -Still, another potential option would be to allow both armies to engage in warfare. While this is the most extreme solution it is an option that continues to be implemented through the contemporary world environment. This solution would be effective in providing a strong and resolute answer to the issue, as the stronger party would have the final say in the matter. Still, the human death toll would be significant. One considers that diplomacy functions as the best option as it determines an amenable solution without bloodshed and death. This approach functions within the Ansoff management techniques. One considers that turbulence is a prominent area of concern within the Ansoff approach, and this situation demonstrates a great degree of unpredictability. Ansoff recognizes that managers must meet these challenges with an appropriate aggressiveness of strategy. In this sense, the diplomatic approach recognizes that because of the turbulent nature of the situation, a strong and resolute solution needs to be reached. The diplomatic action then will

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