Thursday, October 31, 2019

Accelerating Sales Force Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Accelerating Sales Force - Essay Example Unprofessionally hired, oversized, undersized or uneducated sales forces will cast augmented detrimental effects on any business because the presentation of the product is decisive when it comes to the market penetration and selling. A customer will decide to choose or leave the product based on the analysis of the product within few minutes. This time should be exploited in an optimal way to ensure the sale of the product and this job is done by the sales force. Seemingly, sales force might be considered among the lowest ranks in the organization hierarchies but technically, it is the most important sector in any business or organizational that decides the overall course of proceedings for the business. In order to ensure the success and increase of sales of any business, the sales force must be sized ideally and within the alignment of the organizational norms and standards. The sales force is said to be oversized when the customers see a rush of sales persons around them doing nothing. This is giving the glimpse that the sales people are sitting idle and they have nothing to do in the workplace. The oversized sales force will cause depletion of the economic resources of the organization.... This relationship is depicted in the figure below. It also says that time spent by each sales person on the customer is directly proportional to the profit or sales. (Zoltners,2001) Carryover factor has also a very important role to play. For example a customer comes to buy a product which is of high quality and very expensive. The efforts of sale person at that time will be a deciding factor for the future. If next time the same customer will come and there will be an undersized sales force at the same workplace, not much slashes in the sales will occur because the imprinting effects has been made at the first impression time. Cost containment approach is not good to follow if the company wants to plan long term profitability index increasing plans. For example a profit maximization approach allocating a 14% sales force expense of total sales will be better for a business than downsizing of sales persons. Efficient sizing and increasing of sales force promises profitability to the b usiness. Similarly gradual downsizing and step wise hiring is also harmful to the company because if the company will hire the individuals for the sales force step by step, extra cost will be exhausted in their training session, allowances etc. Increasing and focusing on the sales departments have a key role to play in achieving colossal milestones in the companies. For example if a company wants to achieve a big sales goal for the current year then they should definitely and immediately increase the sales force size (Zoltners et al, 2001). The sales force structures play a paramount role in fulfilling the customer’s needs which in turn produce benefits and strong customer relationships. The

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