Saturday, October 5, 2019

HS610 Week 3 Conf Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HS610 Week 3 Conf - Essay Example owever in some cases the federal government might fail in its role of protecting the citizens and hence the state government is compelled to come in which is unconstitutional. For Instance, in the case of South Carolinas new immigration law. The federal government has filed several law suits challenging the new immigration law in Sourth Carolina. The South Carolina state has seen the need to protect its citizens because the federal government has shown a massive failure in its authority of protecting the citizens. The constitution of the US states that the states also have the mandate of protecting its citizens from the brutal acts of the federal government. The federal government is keenly involved in protecting the citizens from the damages of natural disasters such as tsunami according to Kamien (n.d). Similarly, the federal government ensures the principal of equal rights to all citizens. The state government is not responsible for then protection of the legal interests of the citizens; the federal governmen has the responsibility in ensuring that the legal rights of the citrizens are protected. This is why the governmkwent is chaqllenging the legal rights of the South Carolinas new immigration law aimed at protecting their citizens. The South carolinas new immigration law has given law officers the chance to check suspects immigration status. Howver, the federal gidvernment argues that this is unconstitutional. In terms of enforcing homeland security the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has been viewed by most of its counterparts as one among the highly pioneering and booming police departments in the history of the United States. However the NYPD has gained a more dangerous reputation in latest years for its unprecedented dispute to privacy and social liberties in maraca regarded by others as overreach internationally. Fusion centers have erupted as major information sharing centers for law implementation and counterterrorism groups over the last ten

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