Friday, October 18, 2019

Lin200 final Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lin200 final - Assignment Example 24. Localization is about the examination and study of various parts of the brain that carries out specialized functions in the learning and mastery of language. This is because different parts of the brains carry out various functions and the use of MRI scans and other things show the development of matter around various parts of the brain. Researchers indicate that language acquisition significantly alters the brain and parts of it. The left hemisphere of the brain and right hemisphere have specialized functions they each perform. For example, the Broca’s area is known for syntax learning. 26. A. Nonrefundable: non-refund-able; Category – Compounding form adjective; Root – Refund; Bases – Refund (verb), Able (adjective), Non (Adjective). Inflectional Affix: â€Å"Non† negating â€Å"Refund†; Derivational Affix: the connection of the first two roots with â€Å"–able† gives it a state or form. 28. A. Coordination is a problem with this because crippled and landing are somewhat problematic; There are also topicalization issues and there is also a problem with the pro-form substitution so I think it fails the test; B. There are some coordination issues with this sentence. â€Å"Took† does not seem to get along well with â€Å"to the garage†. There seem to be some issues with pseudo-clefting in this sentence as well. The sentence is grammatically correct, but has some few gaps. 32. Linguistic Relativity: This is the view that the nature and structure of a given language defines the worldview of its speakers. It posits that language and its structure determines the thought of its speakers. An example is the case of languages being specialized in certain worldviews and thoughts and helping to promote certain activities. For instance, Hebrew is structured to ensure that its speakers tilt towards a given worldview of Judaism and Jewish customs. 33. Homographs are words

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