Monday, October 7, 2019

Manufacturing process wings for formula one cars using with ribs Coursework

Manufacturing process wings for formula one cars using with ribs - Coursework Example This is the first step and it entails the design process of the parts of the wings. According to Keynes (2014), software such as Siemens, product lifecycle management software permits the racing engineers to improve product design and production process, as well as attainingdesign iterations in the virtual environment. In that perspective, this process involves choosing the shape and patterns of the wings and its parts. This step also focuses on the optimization of the aerodynamics of the wings to ensure efficient output during the racing process. This is the second step and it involves the manufacture of the designed parts. The materials used in this process is carbon fibre and its foams. As cited by. (Wood, 2013) moving from the concept of aerodynamic to a carbon composite fit for the racetrack needs a significant bunch of engineering processes and tools and processes. The designed patterns are moulded, produced and taken to a clearing chamber where several layers of carbon fibre and carbon forms are put together in layers. The parts, according to the design, may take up to 100 layers of carbon foams. After the layers have been put together, they are then sealed together and then put into a vacuum chamber to remove air. The vacuum chamber then sucks the air out. The third step involves forwarding the put together layers into a chamber for a curing process. The layers are then subjected to a high pressure of up to seven atmospheres at a temperature of up to one hundred and nineteen degrees Celsius. This results into the binding of the layers together by squeezing. The bending process is actually handled by the spars that run the span of the wing. Besides, the outer skn needs to be tailored towards avoding skin buckling since the wings have the capability of flexing and bending. The fourth step involves the assembly of the different parts of the wings to make a complete functional wing. The different parts are bind together using rivets. In

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