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Jourmal of Asian Pacific Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Jourmal of Asian Pacific Communication - Essay Example How did the authors go about investigating the issue? The research questions were used to investigate the issues of study such as whether there are any significant differences in communication styles used by native speakers of American English and native speakers of East Asian languages in homogeneous groups and whether East Asian speakers of similar language proficiency exhibit the same communication patterns in heterogeneous and homogenous teams. In order to analyze the situation, various categories such as turns, words, overlaps, back channels and latching were used. What were the main findings? It was found that when working in homogenous groups, both cultural groups exhibits similar interaction and their participation was very similar. East Asians acquire shorter turns and Americans took longer turns; in addition, East Asians showed higher rates of latching compared to Americans. Make at least five (5) suggestions as to how this article might be improved. The article uses only a few variables to discuss the interactive approach, more variables can be used to provide a deep discussion on the communicative patterns. Additional study is needed to explore the cultural differences affecting the performance of groups. This study uses only a small sample data; a larger data sample would provide stronger results. If the article emphasis the decision making of students group in decision making, it will be more easily understandable for this study. Further study is needed to argue the reason of silencing result of non native speakers of mixed groups. Section-2- Self Reflection Assessment: Introduction: We had a MMH299 unit to explain about Business Communication. The objective of this unit is to expand knowledge of the nature of business communication, and provide the necessary tools and skills to help in improving the productivity in an organization. With participation in the unit, it was a completely different experience for me to gain knowledge about various aspe cts of business communication. It was, in fact, exciting to see that how an easy thing like communication was not simple at all as I have learned before. Communication is the part and parcel of our life. But I was ignorant of the wide areas of business communication. I have learned the theories of business communication through this unit. Business communication is very essential in an organization to improve the productivity and achieve the objectives. Tasks: We have undertaken various tasks on weekly in order to get a better overview of the topic. The task included explaining about the theory and History of Business Communication, workshop on Meetings Online and Technology, Teamwork, Oral and online presentations, Writing reports, Dealing with Conflict and Negotiation, providing a view on behavioral Protocols and Ethical Communication, Intercultural communication, emotion, Communication and Gender issues. Learning activities: The tasks started with the description of the theory and history of business communication. I have learned that the most significant thing in communication is to hear what is not being told. Communication theories were originated in twentieth century. Communication â€Å"is the very means by which we produce our personal relationships and professional experiences†

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