Thursday, September 26, 2019

Augmentation of our natural abilities using technology Case Study

Augmentation of our natural abilities using technology - Case Study Example Jumping stilts were invented and patented by a German aerospace engineer known as Alexander Boeck, who came up with the invention after studying the movement and structure of the kangaroo. The question that we seek to answer is whether jumping stilts are the ideal bionics that will enhance the historical wish of man to lift him from the ground, to some it can be said to be a craze but the possibilities that this bionic holds, is deemed to be phenomenon . It should be noted that stilts have been in existence in various human societies for a couple of centuries including African, Aboriginal and Chinese societies. The good thing is that using technology current generation can use jumping stilts in a way their ancestors never deemed possible. The feats that can be achieved using jumping stilts are taunted to be unimaginable in various aspects of human life. The device uses the concept of enhancing mans Achilles tendons by reducing friction at the knee joint and promoting balance on the f eet. Jumping stilts open possibilities of what augmented human beings can be able to do including jumping and running. The many uses at the moment of jumping stilts are not limited to the following artistic expression, form of exercise which tones the whole body unlike conventional exercise routines and also is a sport to enthusiasts. The fields that will greatly benefit from stilts are athletics and exercise; this is because it takes training of performers to the next level. It is deemed to be the next big thing in the fitness industry because it provides full body workout once, something not possible with traditional exercise regimes. Robotics which is a craze in the science community will benefit from this device because they can enhance human legs to make them look like robotic animals. The phenomenal recognition of this wearable human enhancement has lead to increased recognition in the international arena such that it was used during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Ol ympic in China. Man is essentially using the feat which can be achieved by the fastest animals on the planet such as ostriches and kangaroos. The main obstacle facing its distribution is perception and also coming up with a common name. This laboratory report will work on the above considerations to prove the hypothesis and assumptions which are stated below. The adrenalin of putting the stilts on, and running or jumping with them is reported by users to be like no other, which enhances locomotion greatly. The hypothesis and assumptions will rely on the observations and experiment to persuade the scientific community that they are true. 1) Hypothesis. This is the main wearable enhancement that enables people to jump very high and run very fast, compared to when they do that on foot. Theses should however not be confused with the prosthetics worn by disabled people who participate in the Paralympics. The questions which we seek to answer is whether these bionic enhancement can enable man to get off the ground and be the fastest mammal on the earth and whether this would open possibilities for man in various fields which otherwise not be possible if we only used our natural limbs without augmentation. Already such possibilities are being tested to be used by the military, an aspect who knows which could change warfare. The ultimate aim is for this argument to be proved to be a theory by other experimenters. This

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