Saturday, September 7, 2019

Disaster Management Paper 1.4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Disaster Management Paper 1.4 - Essay Example Security procedures enhance security and the whole preparedness to thwart, react and recover from the underlying acts of catastrophe. Insurance program enables individuals to be put under appropriate insurance life assurance cover in case of any incident. External actions incorporate emergency management office, fire department, police department, emergency medical services, telephone companies and electricity utility. The management office will aids in handling the victims and connecting with the families and diverse offices regarding the emergency (Collins, 2000). Moreover, it will coordinate all the operations of the rescue with all the existing parties. Fire department will aids in putting off the fire within the metropolitan city thus mitigating the underlying situations. It will coordinate all the processes of fire within the city and the kind of the precautions that ought to be taken depending on the type of the fire within the city. Police department will aids in securing the scene to prevent further injuries thus bringing the situation under control. Moreover, it will keep people out of the crime scene and keeping the people at bay from the place of accident. Emergency medical services will aids in offering immediate medication to the people affected to avoid health risks (Collins, 2000). The people involved in the accident will be given first medical attention before taking them to the hospital. The expertise will also handle the situations thereby mitigating health risk. Telephones companies will coordinate will all the operations of the involved parties thus facilitating the entire operation of rescue in time of the accident within the metropolitan

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