Monday, September 9, 2019

Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and International Human Essay

Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and International Human Rights - Essay Example Most of the non-governmental organisations that champion for women rights’ are under United Nations. United Nations member states adopt several treaties that seek to protect the rights of women. The Charter of United Nations recognises that persons have basic human rights and should live a dignified-life. In addition, the Charter prevents all forms of discrimination because every person is has equal freedom regardless of gender. Discrimination against women infringes the rights and respect for human solemnity. It limits women from taking an active part in political, social, cultural, and economic developments in their country. In addition, inequality between in genders demeans women’s contributions in the family, society, and in individual states. This is because women do not have enough space to exploit their potentials. In the light of this, United Nations has entered into several treaties that seek to cushion women from any form of discrimination (General Assembly). This paper will analyse the convention of elimination of discrimination against women. It will then endeavour to highlight the contribution of the convention to development of international human rights. Women have been on the receiving end of all forms and mannerisms of men behaviour. Patriarchy dominates virtually all the indigenous and marginalised societies. Men perpetrate all forms of discrimination to women. Women suffer because they are voiceless in presence of male dominated societies. Discrimination against women happens in all sectors. These forms of discrimination include forced relocation from women’s ancestral lands, pollution and destruction of their homes, limited or no education at all, and poor health care. Other human right’s violations that women face include rape, domestic violence, forced sterilisations, and inadequate reproductive health care. These vices have significantly limited women participation in national and international matters. These b ad experiences of women have attracted the international attention to provide an amicable solution. Women use various ways to demand for call for recognition of their human rights. These are efforts to end discrimination and oppression of women (Kambel, 2004). United Nations stepped forward to safe women from wrath of patriarchal nature of society. It did this through signing of various treaties that recognises women rights. United Nations is replete with regional commissions, specialised agencies, programs, and other instruments to address the plight of women. Nations have presented entities that seek to recognise women rights. The countries do so in the international circles. The commitment of all the world society structures is to achieve equality and human rights. Steiner (2008: 175) notes that the number of movements advocating for women rights has increased over the years. Leaders and champions of human rights hold international conferences with the main goal of reducing the g ap between men and women. Non- governmental organisations are in the forefront to advance the efforts to eliminate discrimination against women. Women have formed movement aiming to draw the attention of international community to recognise their rights (Steiner, 2008:173). The lessons that international community learned from the tragedies of Second World War led to signing of the Charter of United Nations. The aim of this alliance was to bring peace, mutual aid, and human rights

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