Monday, February 17, 2020

The sculpture of Kuoros Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The sculpture of Kuoros - Dissertation Example The first element which relates to the cultural implications of the sculpture is from the formalism that is used.   The physical properties are representative of Athens during this time frame and what was believed to be the perfect human body.   When examining the physical properties, it can be seen that proportion is consistent throughout the piece.   The lines are the first element of this.   For example, the abdominal area has a line that goes to the legs as well as the same shape that goes to the chest.   This is done to make the body completely proportionate.   This is followed by the shapes, which are proportionate as well.   The shapes of the shoulders, chest and legs are proportionate and equal on every side to create a mathematical look to the perfect body.   While there is one leg that is slightly set back, this only adds to the appearance of having the right proportions when in motion.   The main physical look uses space to create this specific balance.   The space is used between both legs and between the stomach and arm area.   These two spaces are also proportionate and have the same amount of space used for contrast within the two regions.   The light and dark that is added into this is then able to balance with the sculpture having the light and the spaces in between each area balancing this with the dark.   Each of the regions of the body creates a sense of balance and proportion with the figure. The iconography, or symbolism, is one which is presented in this sculpture as something that is greater than or more significant. The promotion of the sculpture can be linked directly to what others would want to achieve within their life. This is close to the symbol of sublimination, which consists of cultural development that created symbols as idols and role models. Physical activities, scientific idols, artistic and ideological concepts all links to the creation of an illusion of what one can achieve within a lifetime.

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